About Us

Basically, “Us” is a guy with a couple of cameras and some horny Asian girls. I have lived in Malaysia since 2006 and have been shooting erotic videos since 2010. I do it because I love it, I love the girls, I love the action and I love it when people respond positively to what I create. Since then I have added some help here and there, but it is basically a one man band.

I shoot different things at different times, depending on how I feel and what people want.  Sometime I plan a little skit or story and sometimes I just shoot the sex.  I really enjoy what members want and try to accommodate every request I can. Simple things I do and add to the store without charging for a custom. Long scripts and complicated plots I have to charge a custom fee to do. If you are interested in a complex plot or exotic props, ask me about a custom video.  I will try just about anything.

Niches I enjoy and have a demand for I have made separate stores for.  So if someone wants just a certain niche they dont have to pay for all the other stuff they may not want.  If there are a couple of niches you like I suggest to join the main site membership because you will get all the videos in my catalog plus all new stuff I make.  You can get access to all videos here with this membership offer.  The price is $39.95 per month, but as we add more members the price will come down.  I plan to update about 6 niches with new content on a weekly basis before Thanksgiving.  So that equals lots of fresh material.

Some of the niches I am currently doing are teens, blowjobs, glove fetish, footjobs, Muslim, pantyhose, POV and creampie.  I am open to suggestions and if enough people are interested I will start a new niche store.  So at this time, if you just like teens and join the teen store, you will get every clip with a teen.  A teen footjob movie will be put in the footjob store, the teen store and the main store.

I am currently in the process of organizing the stores so that all of the stores have the proper videos.  This is a big task and it will be a couple of months to finish, so hang in there with me.  There’s lots of material to sort through.